Back to Weight Watchers, again… I’m about five pounds lower than I was in July. I suppose holding steady is better than gaining. I’m 40 pounds heavier than my lowest blog weight, but 25 pounds lighter than  my ‘get your act together’ starting weight. Not bad. 1-27-15


Reboot, again. Currently extra, extra large and in charge-ish. We’ll see how it goes. 7-26-14


I’ve held steady with my gain, but went back to Weight Watchers just before Christmas. It feels a little different this time around, but doesn’t it always? I’m ready for success! 1-21-13


I’ve regained about 40 of my 56 pounds lost since starting this blog. I’m off the Weight Watchers and on MyFitnessPal, still working the treadmill and looking forward to starting the fourth half of my journey. Here’s to fresh starts! 10-1-12


I’m a lucky lady with a tremendously supportive husband and three wee rascals, making a change for the healthier. Down 56 pounds as of 2/12/11 – yay me!

I’m working the ‘calories in’ side of the equation with the help of Weight Watchers and going at the ‘calories out’ all willy nilly-like. I’ve entered 5ks, go for walks, work the treadmill, follow Couch to 5k, ride my new bike and follow fitness DVDs I pick up at the library.

This second half of my adventure will be keeping the food in check and unlocking the activity piece in a way I can sustain for the rest of my life. I’m looking for all of the support, encouragement, wisdom and love I can get as I figure it out.

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  1. Totally love you and am supporting this ride with you! So proud of how far you have come! xo

  2. congrats on the weight loss! I know how tough that can be! I’ve lost 120 lbs and kept it off for 3 years now, but it wasn’t easy…now I am trying to cook my way through cookbooks, while staying trim, quite the challenge! Good job!

  3. this is great! I worked in the fitness industry for two year and am now in medical school you are on a great track to improving the quality of your life and your families. Have you considered joining a workout program or something like the YMCA? All the people I helped found great support in belonging to a group of people that sweat together and succeed in their weight loss together, besides working out with a group is a lot more fun than sweating by yourself!

    • Great advice! I’ve never had much luck going to the gym, but I think a scheduled program may be the way to go for me. I really do enjoy the social part, perhaps explaining part of my success on WW. I also think that’s why I gravitate to these 5k events. I rally a bunch of friends, then have an easier time following through – for the group. I live near a community center with a bunch of great offerings. I keep thinking about Yoga, Zumba or Boot Camp. Maybe that’s the next step for me. Best wishes with medical school!

  4. Amy, I love the receipes – as in my case, it’s never too late to learn. I have 30 pounds (at least) to lose this year – your blog will be a real help.

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