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C25K Reboot, W1D1

I read a bunch of running/weight loss blogs this morning and decided I should give Couch to 5k another shot. I’m signed up for the Wharf to Wharf in July and figured it couldn’t hurt to give it my best shot.

I did the workout in the garage on the treadmill with the dryer running this warm afternoon and sweat like a pig. I didn’t have any problem completing it, though I managed to take credit for W1D2. I walked at 3.0 and jogged at 5.0 and finished the 30 minutes with 1.77 miles logged.


This morning while browsing blogs, I was listening to my smooth Robin Thicke Pandora station, but switched over to my Blink 182 station for the treadmill time. These songs put a little extra pep in my step:

Blink 182, What’s My Age
Phoenix, 1901
Green Day, Jaded
Modest Mouse, Float On


C25k – W2,D1

Back on it after a week hiatus. Why was I on hiatus again? Anyhow, back on the treadmill and mission accomplished. I’m even considering popping in the Indie Rock Yoga dvd from the library in a few minutes – wha?!??

Only 77 days to the Ranch Romp…

I’ve been reading the blog at this morning. Just what I needed 🙂

C25k – W1D3

Been sick, but got ‘er done 🙂 86 days to the Ranch Romp… I need to start getting some Jillian workouts in, too!

I think I need to look into how to tighten the belt on the treadmill. It slips a little with anything above 6.0mph. YouTube usually has the answers. We’ll see.

C25k – W1D2

Not bad! I woke up at 5:30 without an alarm. Much to my own surprise, I hopped to and got myself around for the treadmill. I was done by 6:05. I guess that’s the best way to do it. Up and at ’em before I can talk myself out of it or find excuses why I can’t. 91 days to go…

Sidenote: I think I officially like Pandora better than Slacker 😦 I wanted to be a fan, but four years later, Slacker has too many ads on the free app and now they won’t let you skip the video ads. I’ve been jamming to a Sting station on Pandora and the mixes are great. I had a little Bon Jovi, some Men at Work, U2, and lots of Sting and the Police. Previously Bob Marley, also great and I love the Robin Thicke one, hello Valentine’s Day!


C25k – W1D1

Just finished week one, day one of Couch to 5k for the thousandth time 😉

I have 93 days until the Ranch Romp, just enough time to complete this program. My plan is to do this three times a week and try to fit in Jillian’s 30 Minute Shred two other times during each week. On top of that, I’ll be taking more opportunities to be active with the family, biking, hiking and walking when the weather is good.

I’m pretty much a master of making the plans, I need to work on the following through part. One day at a time and today is a good day!


C25k – W1D1

Yeah, so I’ve been a lazy bum and this time my weight is creeping.

Activity + tracking = weight loss 🙂
No activity + tracking = maintain weight loss 😐
No activity + no tracking = weight gain 😦

Today marks day two of tracking and just for good measure, I hopped back on the treadmill instead of watching the evening news.

I have a month to make my ANNUAL weight loss more than 10 pounds. DO WORK!

FYI – Rock With You, Michael Jackson was my jam of the evening.

SWEET (muddy) VICTORY!!!

Completed the Warrior Dash last weekend. A little better than 3 miles with a bunch of wacky obstacles and even more wacky people, it was a great time. I completed this with two friends and ended up skipping three of the obstacles (all of the vertical climbs relying solely on my upper body and a rope…) but managed to zoom through all of the others. I was surprised by how easily I climbed up and over all of the rope net things.

I should have pushed a little harder on the straight sections. I ended up walking pretty early on. The dust and heat were rough. Maybe I shouldn’t have been sipping beer at the starting line 😉 Final word, I finished in 1:08 averaging 18 min/mile. That’s a little slower than my casual walking pace, but hey! Did I mention there were obstacles?

I may do this one again in 2012, we’ll see. I’m proud to say that I’ve officially crossed all of my races off my 2011 New Year’s Resolution. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever actually accomplished all of the items on my list.


FWYS Exercise Log

I give this week 1/3 stars for exercise.

One week into the Finish What You Started Challenge and things are already shaky on the exercise front. Technically, I did workout on 3 separate occasions last week, but I feel like it was cheating by going twice on Wednesday.

This week will be better 🙂

  • Saturday – None
  • Sunday – None
  • Monday – 60 minute spin class
  • Tuesday – None
  • Wednesday – 30 min treadmill, 1.5 mile walk w/BFF
  • Thursday – None
  • Friday – None

My First Spin Class

Weekly exercise: 1/3
Spinning, 60 min = 15 Activity Points <– precisely why I don’t track these!

Went to an hour long spin class with a friend last night. Are all spin classes one hour? It was kind of intense! I’ve never done one before. I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the bike and even after help from the instructor, I feel like it wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t sure which adjustment to make to fix that.

Spinning makes me a sweaty mess! My knees were buckling once we finished and did some cool down stretching next to the bike, so I’m thinking good workout. I feel alright today, thankfully! I was expecting to be down for the count after my pathetic post-class hobble to the car.

I don’t think I’m ‘in love’ with spinning, but I’d go again if invited for sure. We’re talking about hitting the TRX class on Sunday afternoon. I had to Google that! Sounds alright, but the pictures are kind of intimidating. We’ll see.


I did it! Crossing Wharf to Wharf off the 2011 Resolution list, next stop, Warrior Dash in October 😀

Yesterday I finished the Wharf to Wharf 6 mile race. My goal, for not having trained, was to simply complete the race before the pace truck. I ended up finishing with 1:37:16, a full 23 minutes before the streets were re-opened. That was just 7 minutes behind the advertised race pace of 15 min/mile. Not too bad 🙂 Now I have my time to beat for next year!

The race itself was terrific! Tons of music, great folks and beautiful scenery along the coast. The weather was perfect and I felt strong for the full six miles. I probably could have jogged a little more than I did, but I’m still satisfied with my performance. I will definitely do this one again next year and hopefully every year as a new birthday tradition!

Awesome day: