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Meal Plan

W – Pasta, sausage & garlic bread
T – Rotisserie chicken, Caesar salad, asparagus
F – Pizza
S – Pork Roast, cauliflower mash, salad
S – Carnitas burrito bowls
M – Baked chicken breasts, broccoli, bread
T – Waffles, bacon & fruit salad

Weekly Progress Report

Down 16 pounds to date:


Food Journal


BREAKFAST, 192 calories
Cream of Wheat, peaches, ICBINB spray
Instant coffee with ff milk and sf caramel syrup

LUNCH, 258 calories
Wasa crackers with laughing cow, arugula and roasted red peppers

SNACKS, 366 calories
Instant coffee x2

DINNER, 409 calories
Taco salad; romaine, tomato, onion, ground beef, ff sour cream & salsa
Tortilla chips

Weigh In

Nice! Down 4 pounds in the first week of the Engine 2 / Simply Filling plan 🙂 1 more to get to 50 lost (again!) Seems like there is a collection of vegetarians at my new meeting. Looking forward to their tips and tricks!

Merry Christmas

Holy Thanksgiving-to-Christmas binge, Batman! Cookies and cakes, cookies and cakes. Very little exercise. I haven’t weighed in officially in a few weeks, so I expect my next visit to the scale will not only have a long line (New Year Resolutions pack those WW meetings!) but a big gain 😦 Oh well. Take my lumps and move on.

DH and I are both committing to a Blue Zones 2012. We’ve reviewed all 9 lessons and decided to focus on one a week. I think I’m most looking forward to the daily wine week 😉 I’ve picked three races to participate in for next year; Lupus awareness 5k, Wharf to Wharf 10k and either the Ranch Romp or Warrior Dash. Beyond that, I’m just trying to stay focused on what’s important in the long term.

Hope the holidays are treating you well 🙂

Potato Skins and Fruit Salad

This was a really nice recipe. I would saute the mushrooms and add onions along with more pepper and maybe spinach instead of parsley to suit my tastes, but it’s a solid base recipe. I could see it going Mexican with seasoned ground turkey and cilantro, salsa on top or BBQ with shredded chicken, sauce and cheddar cheese.

This was double what I would make for my family in the future. 8 potatoes = 16 potato halves, of course! I figured the kids would be more jazzed about these for the mashed potato and bacon quality, but Kid #1 is the only taker as usual.

Another Fresh 20 win as far as I’m concerned.

Turkey Chili and Watermelon

I guess this was a white chili technically. It wasn’t really a taco, spicy chili, but a mellow oregano-y chili. We liked this. Nice flavor and so easy to make!

Baked Cherry Tomato Pasta, Spinach Salad and Baguette

The whole family liked this. I felt like maybe a little more tomato and less ricotta for the next round, but it was good. Tasted a bit like lasagna. Kid #2 was horrified to find out that spinach are actually leaves. I wonder where he thought spinach came from before this… Maybe it’s time to take them to a garden. Pineapples don’t grow on trees either.

Pork Fried Rice and Edamame

I thought this would be a bigger hit! Kids love edamame but were reluctant with the rice. I really enjoyed this as did the husband, however, it just made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve had Chinese food (too long!) I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. This made for great leftovers the next day, too! A fair substitute for eating out and one I would certainly make again. So easy.

Pork Chops with Nectarines, Broccoli Rice and Cherry Tomato Ricotta Salad

THIS WAS THE STUFF!!!! 8 P+ of awesome. I had reservations about the nectarines, but I should just trust the fresh 20. Goooood stuff! I don’t know that the tomato salad really complimented things, but it was delicious and fresh with all the basil. This one is a keeper for sure.

Husband, Kid #1 and I liked this one quite a bit. Kids #2 and #3 must be on a hunger strike or something. Both gave it a big, fat ‘No thank-you’. Their loss…