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Weekly Summary

Good week! Just .2 pounds from 15 lost.

It looks like I’m consistently under my target, but I think this is where the zero point fruits and veg are messing with me. I tracked one day (Saturday) as I normally would, then redid some of my meals as ‘Recipes’ in the tracker and they were off by as much as 7P+! That makes me feel a little better about missing the target. Since I’m satisfied with my weight loss, I’m going to just keep on keepin’ on and reevaluate how I count the fruit and veg if my weight loss slows or stops.



Weekly Summary

Lost a pound and received my 5% sticker! I also spent 30 minutes on the treadmill five times this week. The fitbit has been pretty motivating.


Weekly Summary

Got my second 5 pound star at the meeting today and am just .9 ounces from 5% lost. Perhaps next Saturday…



I was  under my target points for most days, but not hungry. Perhaps that was because of the head cold or has to do with how much fruit and veg I’m eating. Either way, I’m going to add more fat and lean protein/dairy this week and see if that doesn’t help line things back up.  Now, how about that ‘Activity’ section?! I was on the treadmill five out of seven days last week. Planning to keep that up.

While I Was Out

My weekly summaries since re-re-re-joining Weight Watchers:






Weekly Progress Report

Week 1
Lost 4.0 pounds

Tracked everyday using MyFitnessPal
Stayed within my daily calorie allowance
Stuck to my meal plan for daily dinners
Avoided birthday party pitfalls

I never get headaches, and Sunday I had a headache. About 11am it started low at the back of my head and started to radiate out and around. I thought maybe I was dehydrated or maybe I’ve been using too much Splenda (I have sf syrup with coffee and have been drinking a lot more than usual since counting calories.) Anyhow, a bottle of water, two Advil, a hot shower and an hour nap and happily headache’s gone.

This week’s goals:

  • Track calories daily
  • Stay within caloric goal daily
  • Drink water daily
  • Intentionally exercise three times this week