Meal Plan

W – Fish sticks, mac n cheese, fruit salad
T – Tortellini soup, baguettes
F – Pizza
S – Baked drumsticks, zucchini noodles with tomato & pesto
S – Steak with mushrooms and onion, cauliflower mash, broccoli
M – BLT, fruit salad
T – Tacos

Meal Plan

W- Crockpot pork chops, brown rice, broccoli

T – Heirloom tomato tart, sausage

F – Pizza, Caesar salad

S – Tri-tip, garlic kale, tomato salad

S – Ham & broccoli quiche

M – Salmon, green beans & tomatoes, garlic bread

T – Sub sandwiches, fruit salad



Meal Plan

Amazing how much more peace there is in knowing what I’m going to make more than 30 minutes before dinnertime. I’ve stuck with my plan for the last three days and just finished my grocery run for the week ahead. That’s been a daily stress I’d forgot that I don’t have to carry. Keep it simple, right?

W – Chicken, stuffing & chopped salad
T – Mini french dip, fruit salad
F – Pizza and Caesar salad
S – Carne Asada fajitas
S – Chicken fried ‘rice’
M – Stuffed shells, salad
T – Baked drumsticks, salad

Side note: I’ve decided that the heat is a lame excuse not to cook. I will turn on the oven, even if it’s 95 degrees inside. I can stand in front of a fan anytime I need to, and who knows, maybe I’ll eat less.

Meal Plan

S – Salmon, cauliflower mash, garlic spinach
S – Crockpot chicken, green beans & tomatoes
M – Zucchini pasta & meatballs
T – Eggplant & roasted pepper sandwich, fruit salad

Meal Plan

W – Crockpot Chicken, broccoli & salad
T – Salmon, sweet potato & salad
F – Pizza
S – Fondue with bread, apples, sausage and veg
S – Asian glazed drumsticks, rice & pineapple
M – Scalloped potatoes with ham & corn, salad
T – Quinoa meatballs, pasta and bread

Meal Plan

W – Mexican Pasta Skillet

T – Crockpot Chicken, salad & no-knead bread

F – Pizza, always pizza…

S – Out

S – Asian drumsticks, rice, broccoli & pineapple

M – Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes & green beans

T – Ham & cheese omelettes, fruit salad

C25K Reboot, W1D1

I read a bunch of running/weight loss blogs this morning and decided I should give Couch to 5k another shot. I’m signed up for the Wharf to Wharf in July and figured it couldn’t hurt to give it my best shot.

I did the workout in the garage on the treadmill with the dryer running this warm afternoon and sweat like a pig. I didn’t have any problem completing it, though I managed to take credit for W1D2. I walked at 3.0 and jogged at 5.0 and finished the 30 minutes with 1.77 miles logged.


This morning while browsing blogs, I was listening to my smooth Robin Thicke Pandora station, but switched over to my Blink 182 station for the treadmill time. These songs put a little extra pep in my step:

Blink 182, What’s My Age
Phoenix, 1901
Green Day, Jaded
Modest Mouse, Float On